Crafting the Personalized Beatles Fan Experience

Who attends a Beatles fan convention?

The answer to that hasn’t really changed over the years.

While conducting live trivia games and discussions at the annual Fest for Beatles Fans (previously known as “Beatlefest”), I’ve observed the teens and tweens are still there cheering on the music and displaying their remarkable savvy in collectibles and obscure factoids.

No, these aren’t the grown up fans now nostalgic adults. These are NEW faces from the same demographic, the next generation(s), still buoyant over a group that officially broke up four decades ago. There’s an obvious reason: Songs originally aimed at young music fans are still reaching exactly that age group, just multiple generations later.

Conventions are a true family affair. In fact, the only major change I’ve had to incorporate for these new waves of fans is to find ways of asking questions and steering conversations without depending on the hook “Do you remember where you were when –?” Many weren’t born yet.

But they know the music. And the legend. That’s because both are increasingly detached from first-hand specific historical memories. Even with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr touring, the cultural legend of The Beatles stands apart, with new generations creating their own personal connections with the story.

The Beatles have become the embodiment of a timeless cannon of experience in the digital world. The music, films, and a myriad of related sites, allowing anyone to “pick and choose your options, from any time, in any order.”

As a result, our trivia games focus more and more on these common experiences and less on vinyl catalogue minutia such as the British disc number of their first Parlophone single “Love Me Do” (R4949, by the by). In that spirit, you are invited to give your answers to eight light-and-breezy questions. This will create a unique bit of personalized trivia. The most popular answers at this time. Starting now

The top answers will be part of our trivia game next weekend. (And sent afterward to all who responded.) Thanks.

The annual Chicago Fest for Beatles Fans is August 5-6-7. Find more information at

© 2011 Walter J. Podrazik

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7 Responses to Crafting the Personalized Beatles Fan Experience

  1. BUC W says:


  2. Glen Rylko says:

    Wally, looking forward to the Fest again this year.

  3. Sandy Kraft says:

    Great website, I have been a Beatles Fan since 1964 and yes Paul was my favorite!


    Great preview show last night on WGN last night Wally, it made staying up until 2am worth it. See you and all the “blue shirts” at the Hyatt in a few days! All the best!

  5. jodi says:

    What a concert on Monday night for Paul at Wrigley. Maybe his best set list he has ever done. Yep I will be at the Fest in a couple days. See u at the Hyatt!

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