The “House” series ends in a satisfying puzzle

The House series finale was near-perfect for that particular series, fully true to the structure and theme of the show. It was the quintessential House puzzle, right down to the wordplay in the episode title, “Everybody Dies.”

That title appropriately alluded to the familiar House line, “Everybody lies,” which still applied as well. Except this time viewers (rather than the medical team) were the ones being teased with did-you-catch-them diagnostic clues.

(For the usual House hospital cases viewers never really had a chance to figure any case out from any medical clues because those technical facts were outside our area of expertise.)

The “patient” this time was the House series itself, and its exit, and the exit of the main character.

Note to Lost. This is how it’s done! (Two years after that series ended, I still watch people grimace when talk of the Lost finale comes up, especially among ardent fans.)

The House finale was handled with wit, grace, and a sense of style that enhanced rather than soured future rerun viewing. There can even be a reunion some time in the distant future, and not just in the afterlife.


© Copyright  Walter J. Podrazik

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