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Nibbles Before the Binge: Sampling Mark Lewisohn’s “Tune In”

Entertainment Weekly (October 18, 2013 issue) included Mark Lewisohn’s The Beatles All These Years: Tune In as part of a “long, longer, longest” photo feature displaying this season’s thick biography book spines side-by-side-by-side. Tackling these is the print equivalent to … Continue reading

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At last! After all these years, the Mark Lewisohn Beatles biography (part one)

“The Beatles’ Boswell.” That’s how the late Ray Coleman, long time editor of the British music weekly Melody Maker, once described Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn. The comparison to 18th Century writer James Boswell, whose biographical work on Samuel Johnson defined … Continue reading

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Robert Feder and the Modern Media Madhouse

Robert Feder and the Internet have been a perfect match. Feder has always prided himself on “getting the scoop” and the instant nature of the electronic medium has meant eliminating the delays inherent in newsprint. Since departing the Chicago Sun-Times … Continue reading

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Peggy Lee’s Patriotic Train Song

After recently visiting the family apartment of young Peggy Lee in Wimbledon, I’ve found myself spinning a number of her discs, especially from the big band 1940s. Oh, to clarify: I mean her home in Wimbledon, North Dakota. As the … Continue reading

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Convention story encore!

“Do you have a photo of our convention anchor booth from last time?” That question was first posed to me by a network producer between Democratic National Convention cycles some ten years ago. My instant response back then was: “Don’t … Continue reading

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“Media and the 2012 Elections”

The second Inauguration Ceremony of President Barack Obama on January 21 caps a long reelection campaign.  For this cycle, I had the unique opportunity to incorporate the week-by-week political activity into a fall course at the University of Illinois at … Continue reading

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TV museum rolls out the red carpet

On June 13, 2012, in downtown Chicago, Betty White, Hugh Downs, and John Mahoney joined Founder-CEO Bruce DuMont cutting the ribbon and officially opening the doors to the new home of the Museum of Broadcast Communications. It was Bruce DuMont’s dream … Continue reading

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Discovering My “Inner Shopper” in New York

Three hours with a personal shopping consultant! That was a prize in a contest I won at New York’s Time Warner Center. Back in January 2012, on a Winter weekend visit to New York City, I had stopped by the … Continue reading

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Early Autumn, New York City

Autumn in New York. My wife and I marked our latest wedding anniversary with a five-day trip to New York City in late September. Splitting our time between the Columbus Circle and Union Square areas, we immersed ourselves in experiencing … Continue reading

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A Gift for McCartney’s 70th Birthday

Sir Paul McCartney certainly does not need a physical birthday gift from each of his fans. Instead there are electronic best wishes posting opportunities everywhere, from Facebook to However, this is an ideal excuse to give yourself a gift. In … Continue reading

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