“Flirting from afar (is so much better)”

Through all of my windows
You’ve slipped in just right

Bigger than life
In celluloid black and white

Printed pixels at news stands
Projected in halls

And always, always
Those sounds over all

Intimate aurals
Breathlessly mine

From my head to my heart
Perfect, sublime

They’re my own front row stage
Where you’re my co-star

I smile from my wings
Flirting from afar

Walter J. Podrazik  Copyright 2016

The title for this was a reply tweet sent by an unidentified correspondent for the print publication “Go To The Window” whose editorial team has remained anonymous while distributing their humorous observations at each year’s “Fest for Beatles Fans” in Chicago. Before the 2016 Fest I had noted in a Tweet “See you at the Fest. Without even knowing it, of course.” The reply was “Flirting from afar is so much better,” which immediately struck me as a great title for a bit of poetry, apropos to the subject of connecting with performers such as The Beatles (in your heart and head, at least) no matter the physical separation.