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Paul McCartney’s Kisses on the Bottom

McCartney does McCartney for McCartney. The idea of a Paul McCartney collection of favorite standards was almost irresistible even before hearing a note. At once nostalgic yet new, Kisses on the Bottom offers the opportunity to see McCartney the music … Continue reading

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Paul McCartney’s Personal Favorites

Paul McCartney demonstrated his continued mastery of rock concert staging in 2011, even winning over sniping critics with career-spanning performances, including two hot summer nights at Wrigley Field. His first release of 2012 (scheduled for February), Kisses on the Bottom, takes a … Continue reading

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Remembering writer Nicholas Schaffner, 20 years on

Nicholas Schaffner was the quintessential New Yorker. A respected writer, poet, and musician, he led an artist’s dream life in Greenwich Village. (Though on occasion he stopped by Chicago, usually for the annual Beatlefest fan convention.) Nick died two decades … Continue reading

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Ringo Starr’s Best Starring Role: Ringo Starr

Earlier this month, as a lead-in to the annual Chicago Fest for Beatles Fans, this site posed eight survey questions about Fab Four fan favorites. There were no “correct” answers, just the quest for preferences. Two questions had overwhelming favorite … Continue reading

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Crafting the Personalized Beatles Fan Experience

Who attends a Beatles fan convention? The answer to that hasn’t really changed over the years. While conducting live trivia games and discussions at the annual Fest for Beatles Fans (previously known as “Beatlefest”), I’ve observed the teens and tweens … Continue reading

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What makes the perfect Paul McCartney concert?

An excited buzz went through the crowd at Yankee Stadium for the July 15 Paul McCartney concert. About a half dozen numbers in, McCartney offered this introduction: “This is an old song but it’s one we’ve never performed before. I’ve … Continue reading

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Beatles EMI Apple and Apple All Together Now on iTunes

Here’s the link to the official press release about The Beatles on iTunes (from the MacDailyNews) Suddently, that’s it. After numerous articles and years of speculation, quickly, efficiently, The Beatles are officially online. So much for past assertions (from “knowledgeable … Continue reading

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Putting the Lennon Legacy Back into Context

From the “garage band” of Live Peace in Toronto to the timeless polish of Imagine and Double Fantasy “Weren’t the 1970s a drag?” That’s one of the observations John Lennon made traveling the interview circuit in 1980 to promote his … Continue reading

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