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An MST3K Reunion and Celebration @ the MBC

On Saturday November 16, at Noon, the Museum of Broadcast Communications marked the 25th anniversary of Mystery Science Theater 3000 with a cast reunion and live program celebrating all things MST3K. (Ticket information here.) The shorthand “MST3K” either brings an instant smile … Continue reading

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Robert Feder and the Modern Media Madhouse

Robert Feder and the Internet have been a perfect match. Feder has always prided himself on “getting the scoop” and the instant nature of the electronic medium has meant eliminating the delays inherent in newsprint. Since departing the Chicago Sun-Times … Continue reading

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Convention story encore!

“Do you have a photo of our convention anchor booth from last time?” That question was first posed to me by a network producer between Democratic National Convention cycles some ten years ago. My instant response back then was: “Don’t … Continue reading

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“Media and the 2012 Elections”

The second Inauguration Ceremony of President Barack Obama on January 21 caps a long reelection campaign.  For this cycle, I had the unique opportunity to incorporate the week-by-week political activity into a fall course at the University of Illinois at … Continue reading

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TV museum rolls out the red carpet

On June 13, 2012, in downtown Chicago, Betty White, Hugh Downs, and John Mahoney joined Founder-CEO Bruce DuMont cutting the ribbon and officially opening the doors to the new home of the Museum of Broadcast Communications. It was Bruce DuMont’s dream … Continue reading

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The “House” series ends in a satisfying puzzle

The House series finale was near-perfect for that particular series, fully true to the structure and theme of the show. It was the quintessential House puzzle, right down to the wordplay in the episode title, “Everybody Dies.”

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Blockbuster is leaving the building

“Just sales, no rentals.” Starting this past January, that’s how customers were greeted as they entered my South Side Chicago neighborhood Blockbuster store. Video rental was out as the store began its “moving sale.” So proclaimed the banners outside, though this … Continue reading

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