Looking Back

“In All Things Give Thanks” Art by Jim Engel Copyright 2021

Review 2014


“Decorators Down Under”   Art by Jim Engel   Copyright 2014

The penguins receive Australian assists from (top left, clockwise): a cockatoo, lorikeet, koala, kookaburra, emu, another lorikeet, and mother kangaroo and her joey.

“Take the time today to embrace your loved ones.”  – Wally & Grace”

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Review 2013
Christmas CARD 2013 Art  for posting

“Christmas Prairie Passengers”

Art by Jim Engel  Copyright 2013

“May you find God’s peace and joy exploring distant lands, or your own backyard”

Wally & Grace

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Something Bigger, Better, and Live: The Tonys

Review 2012
Carol of the Icicles
“Carol of the Icicles”

Art by Jim Engel from a sketch by Mike Tiefenbacher

“May we embrace every new day, month, and year as precious gifts to be shared and celebrated with those around us.” Wally & Grace

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Early Autumn, New York City

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